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Sigil is a fully regulated Experienced Investor Fund based in Gibraltar. Founded during the crypto winter in 2018, we are an all-weather fund run by crypto insiders with a strong fundamental conviction for the decades to come.  

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Our story

We are a private fund at heart - meaning we primarily invest our own money. Investors in Sigil fund hold exactly the same portfolio as the fund is pooling all assets together. That is a unique opportunity to put your capital at work and coinvest with us.

We regularly overperform other crypto funds.

  • • In 2021 Sigil returned +515% net and outperformed the crypto funds benchmark by approximately a double for the third year in a row.
  • • In 2020, we delivered a return of +284% net, while the global average was +128%.
  • • In 2019, our net performance was +75% net, while global crypto funds returned on average +35%.

Our mission is to build a balanced portfolio of crypto investments with a positively assymetric risk-reward profile. We deploy assets into blockchain platforms to earn extra yields from DeFi.

Values we stand for


We strongly believe in having skin in the game. We are personally invested in Sigil. We literally manage your money like our own money.


Sigil team of researches and operative techies is working every day to rebalance portfolios and maximise returns from DeFi yield farming. 


Sigil fund has daily NAVs. Investors can monitor portfolio allocation and performance 24/7 via their personal Crypkit login.


Annual return of Sigil Core fund has been outperforming other investment markets. 


Our flagship fund Sigil Core gives investors an exposure to a well selected portofolio of crypto assets and harnesses extra yields from DeFi. We are looking for the market winners in the coming blockchain era of Open Digital Economies.

  • Fund features
  • Open ended fund
  • Long Fundamental
  • DeFi yield farming
  • Daily NAVs and liquidity
  • No lock ups
  • 20/2 fee structure
  • Min. deposit €100,000

Sigil Core aims at generating returns in the range of -70% p.a. (loss in case of a market crash) to +2,000% p.a. (profit in case of crypto bull runs). Are you ready for a bumpy ride? 

Sigil Core is your best long-term bet on the blockchain industry, if you can stomach the short-term volatility. 

We also run a Sigil Stable fund for more conservative investors. Sigil Stable is aiming to be market neutral and to farm the yields from DeFi.

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How it works

Thanks to our digital onboarding process you can easily apply to become an investor. The initial stage takes a few minutes. The minimum required investment is €100,000. We accept deposits & withdrawals both in crypto and via a bank transfer.

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What our investors say about us

Why invest in Sigil?

  • Daily Liquidity - you can withdraw anytime with a 5 days' notice.
  • Performance has been above bitcoin and other benchmark investments. 
  • Fully regulated fund with an external audit and licensed fund administrator.
  • Fund is pooling assets so you have the same return as the CEO.
  • There are no hidden costs. No complicated T&Cs. 
  • Full transparency of the portfolio and performance 24/7 via a Crypkit access for every investor.
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