Crypto fund administration explained - Interview with Heather Adamson<br>

Crypto fund administration explained - Interview with Heather Adamson

Setting up a regulated fully compliant crypto fund can be challenging. The administration is one of the key topics.

We have already covered the other important aspects of becoming an Experienced Investor Fund:

In this interview, Pavel Stehno - CEO and Cofounder of Sigil Fund is speaking with Heather Adamson - Head of Fiduciary at Ince Gibraltar, about the significance of high-quality fund administration, NAV reporting, Crypkit tracking tool and the challenges of crypto funds when it comes to proper reporting processes.

About Heather

Heather Adamson is a chartered certified accountant with a focus on ensuring good corporate governance. Heather is an experienced company manager, trustee and fund administrator. The areas of her expertise include the establishment of a wide range of corporate structures for corporate and private clients, provision of corporate secretarial services, accounting and other administrative support.

About Ince Gibraltar

The Ince Group is a dynamic international legal and professional services business with offices in nine countries across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. With over 900 people, including over 100 partners worldwide, The Ince Group delivers legal advice, strategic guidance and business solutions to clients ranging from the world’s oldest and biggest businesses operating across numerous industries to ultra-high net worth individuals. Click here to learn more about Ince Gibraltar.

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