Sigil team presents at Crypto Gibraltar<br>

Sigil team presents at Crypto Gibraltar

Gibraltar aka “The Rock” is becoming one of the leading crypto hubs in the world. The solid regulatory framework and innovative thinking from the government, make Gibraltar a great place for crypto companies to thrive.

Sigil fund has a core team of 7 members, majority of which live in Gibraltar. The first offline post-pandemic crypto event - Crypto Gibraltar, took place on 8-9th October at the Sunborn Yacht Hotel in Ocean Village.

The attendance was impressive - over 200 people showed up, 120 of whom arrived from abroad and the rest were local crypto entrepreneurs, investors and suppliers.

Crypto Gibraltar & Sigil’s contribution

The event kicked off with a discussion about crypto funds in Gibraltar between Pavel Stehno, CEO of Sigil fund and James Lasry, Deputy Chairman of GFIA.

The first day of the event covered a variety of topics surrounding the crypto industry - from the regulatory landscape to cross-border payments and the latest trends in banking. The day finished off with a party in beautiful St. Michael’s Cave where the light and sound effects (due to the great acoustics) provided an unforgettable experience.

On day 2 of the event, the focus shifted more towards innovation in the crypto world: opportunities arounds NFTs, web3, the rise of the NFT gaming and its impact on the traditional gaming industry.

The innovation day was kicked off with a keynote speech on the Future of Tribes by Matti G the CEO of Zee Prime Capital, followed by an NFT primer by Omri Bouton.

These two talks set the stage perfectly for our Sigil fund CEO, Pavel, who gave the audience an in-depth insight into NFT gaming explaining the shift in the industry from the traditional Web 2.0 world into the community-driven Web 3.0 & P2E (Play-to-Earn) gaming mechanisms.

Note the T-shirt

The day continued with more presentations from notable people (as presented on including our EIF director and friend Peter Howitt - who not only rocks the legal matters, but also pioneers the NFT poetry scene (check out his NFT poems!).

The Crypto Gib conference commenced with another great party, this time at O’Reilly’s Irish Pub where the networking continued. We have also learned how to best insure Pokémon (thanks, Luke!).

Team building - Via Ferrata

After the mentally demanding two days, we chose to physically challenge ourselves to a Via Ferrata. Via Ferrata (Italian for "iron path”) is a protected climbing route equipped with fixed ladders, cables, and bridges.

On Monday 11th October, the whole team set off to Gaucín in the Serranía de Ronda. The initial description of the route read:

“This Via Ferrata is probably the most difficult one found in the Serranía de Ronda. It requires a very good physical condition and a high-end technical knowledge, as you will need to tackle a monkey bridge, two Tibetan bridges and a zip-line. You will enjoy excellent views to the Valle del Genal and to the nature reserve in Sierra Bermeja.”

Despite considerable doubts some of the team members had (including the author of this article), eventually we decided to conquer our fears and board the minivan that was waiting for us at the Spanish border.

With Fiskantes in the background, the picture was edited for privacy purposes 
Sigil fund Co-founder and COO Michal was flying through the path rather easily

After conquering (seemingly) the hardest part, we were faced with 2 horizontal lines stretched over a pretty deep gorge - a monkey bridge. That one required good balance and a dose of composure. We somehow survived and with a sense of relief moved forward, only to encounter ANOTHER monkey bridge, twice as long as the previous one.

The adrenaline was pumping hard, just in time for the zip line. We should mention that some of the team members had never been on a zip line. And there was no way out. The effect of that was as below:

Fisk's daily morning routine
Investor Relations Marta’s conquering her biggest fear
Sigil CEO Pavel demonstrating what a well-balanced portfolio looks like
The zipline proved strong enough for the Sigil team
The scenery around our climbing path

Caminito del Rey

After the adventurous beginning, we decided to take it easy and set off for a trekking tour in the famous Caminito del Rey (The King’s Little Pathway) close to El Chorro in the Malaga province. Caminito del Rey is a breath-taking walk along canyon walls, featuring a hanging bridge and stunning views.

The 6 am start was totally worth it, as the nature park was almost empty - which normally doesn’t happen. We tried the typical Spanish breakfast: tostada con tomate y aceite (toasted bread with tomato, olive oil and salt) before setting off for a 3h walk.

Our guide - Chemi from VIP Malaga Tours was a delight to be around. Impressively informed and humorous, he made the trip a wonderful experience. Pictures speak more than words, so here are the highlights:

See you next year at Crypto Gibraltar!

Once the week packed with crypto networking and cliff conquering was over, it was time for the team to part ways.

The founders (Pavel, Michal, Fiskantes) and our investment partner Joe, hit the road heading to Lisbon where a series of crypto summits and events is happening (ETHLisbon, Solana Breakpoint and others).

Crypto Gibraltar was a highlight of the year. It will come back next year again with a plan to attract even more participants from all over the world. See you next time on the Rock!

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