How crypto fund audits work - Interview with Moe Cohen

How crypto fund audits work - Interview with Moe Cohen

Sigil became a fully regulated Experienced Investor Fund in May 2021. As a regulated financial institution, it needed more external oversight. We would like to keep our investors in the loop and stay transparent, so we have made a series of videos explaining how the crypto fund regulation works. So far:

  • Peter Howitt explained the new structure of the fund, the legal set-up and shared his personal experience with Sigil
  • Aaron Payas gave a great insight into his new role as an independent EIF Director and shared his knowledge on crypto funds in Gibraltar

Sigil is now also subject to a mandatory statutory audit, therefore we partnered up with a reputable audit firm RSM Gibraltar. Today we’re speaking to Moe Cohen - CEO of RSM to learn more about how crypto fund audits are performed, how to stay compliant and why Gibraltar is the best bet for any blockchain company.

About Moe

Moe Cohen is a Chartered Accountant and a founder & director of the Benady Cohen & Co Group (now RSM Gibraltar). Moe comes with a rich experience in the FinTech sector. Formerly, he was lead financial services partner at Deloitte where his clients included insurance companies, hedge funds, banks and a number of large private clients. In addition to his professional achievements, he has also advised the Gibraltar Government on fund legislation and tax policy.

About RSM Gibraltar

As one of Gibraltar’s leading professional services firms, RSM Gibraltar is committed to enabling clients through a greater understanding of what matters most to their business. In addition to their considerable local knowledge, they draw on their international reach and scale to ensure clients stay at the forefront of the world’s best practices, technology and innovation within a rapidly changing global economy. RSM provides Sigil Fund with auditing services. 

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