Sigil fund daily data now available on Bloomberg<br>

Sigil fund daily data now available on Bloomberg

We are pleased to announce that Sigil fund pricing data for both Sigil Core and Sigil Stable is now accessible in the Bloomberg Terminal.

Both crypto funds are well-established with a verifiable track record. In 2021 Sigil Core delivered +539.87% net vs EUR whilst Sigil Stable returned +15.08 net vs USD. We are looking to expand our investor base further by allowing accredited investors, as well as private financial institutions, to access and verify our data through a trusted third party solution.

Bloomberg Terminal brings together real-time data on every market, breaking news, in-depth research, powerful analytics, communications tools and world-class execution capabilities - in one fully integrated solution.

How does it work?

Sigil fund sends daily pricing data to Bloomberg. The data, which consists of daily Lead Series prices for Sigil Core and Sigil Stable, is automatically uploaded to the Bloomberg Terminal under the hedge fund section.

The data can be verified based on the ISINs (International Securities Identification Numbers):

  • Sigil Core ISIN A3CPEH GI000A3CPEH7
  • Sigil Stable ISIN A3CPEJGI000A3CPEJ3

Or the Bloomberg tickers below:

  • Sigil PCC Ltd - Sigil Core - SIGCORE TL
  • Sigil PCC Ltd - Sigil Stable - SIGSTAB TL

Sigil Core overview in the Bloomberg Terminal:

Sigil Stable overview in the Bloomberg Terminal:

Please note you’d need a paid access to the Bloomberg Terminal to be able to view this data. Institutional investors such as private banks or larger investors often have access to the Bloomberg Terminal while retail investors usually don’t due to the costs associated with it.

For retail investors, we have launched fully automated performance Sigil Core graphs offering both the linear and the logarithmic scale as well as 3 currency benchmarks (EUR, USD, BTC). These charts are visible on our funds page.

We will soon be launching automated tables with monthly performance breakdown for Sigil Core and Stable.

What are the benefits of being listed on Bloomberg?

Throughout the years, the Bloomberg Terminal has built a reputation for its fast and accurate delivery of unparalleled market information across multiple asset classes. Being listed on the platform gives Sigil fund exposure to a vast number of financial professionals and decision makers who use this tool to screen for the best performing investment opportunities.

It also helps to bring transparency to our performance and an easier set up for future customers such as private banks and institutional investors, who rely on the verified Bloomberg data.

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